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Video (1/8): New Videos Answer Basic Alzheimer’s Germ Questions

Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc., is posting eight one-minute videos—one per week—to answer some of the questions most frequently asked by the public about its proposition that a germ might be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The respondent is the Quest’s CEO, Leslie Norins, MD, PhD.

The first has been posted on our video page and our YouTube channel (see video link below this post).

The initial video asks, “Do Normal Brains Contain Any Germs?” Dr. Norins explains that “Brains of perfectly normal people, surprisingly, contain viruses and bacteria. So, any invading Alzheimer’s germ would add to these.”

Also in the queue are questions such as “Could There be an Antibiotic for Alzheimer’s?” and “Could Alzheimer’s be Transmitted to Caretakers?” Simple language is used to aid comprehension of the material presented.

“Almost no research on possible infectious causes of Alzheimer’s is funded by government agencies despite $2 billion in research money given to them by Congress to solve this disease puzzle. Advocacy groups equally ignore funding investigations of infectious agents,” says Dr. Norins.

The short videos were produced in response to many inquiries from the public, which included encouragement of further investigation of the germ possibility.

Dr. Norins, a 44-year medical publisher, in his early career directed a research laboratory at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two years ago he became interested in Alzheimer’s disease, and upon reviewing the scientific literature was surprised to find possible infectious triggers had been little explored.

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