//Some MS halted by stopping inflammation, adding stem cells

Some MS halted by stopping inflammation, adding stem cells

Would this work in Alzheimer’s?

British researchers report that the progression of the “relapsing” type of multiple sclerosis (MS) seems halted in patients who received re-infusions of their own stem cells—which had been harvested before huge doses of chemotherapy agents destroyed their existing immune systems.

Scientists believe the mechanism of this success is halting of inflammation by “resetting” the patients’ immune systems.

“Inflammation” is also now a hot topic in Alzheimer’s research, the theory being it is the final step which produces the brain damage.

Therefore, might similar techniques for halting inflammation arrest the progress of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) if performed early, perhaps at the mild cognitive impairment (MCI) stage?  

A further research step in both MS and AD, will be determining what triggers the observed inflammation in the first place, and if microbes are playing that role.

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