//Month One Update

Month One Update

One month has elapsed since we announced the Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, featuring the $1 Million Challenge Award. What an amazing time it’s been.

We’ve heard from scientists and concerned citizens from all over the world. More than 10,000 responses have been received at our two main registries for encouragement:

  1. The online petition, and
  2. Our Facebook page

We especially appreciate the many comments we’ve received from notable physicians and scientists (see words of encouragement).

And already 11 teams of scientists have signed up as desiring to enter the Challenge. Plus, we’ve heard from two small biomed companies working on Alzheimer’s.

We are also working to “get the word out” and to determine if some beneficial synergies are possible. These actions include:

  • Discussing the Challenge in person with the deans of two medical schools, Johns Hopkins and Duke; the dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins, and the director of the Jackson Laboratory (the world leader in research using mouse models of disease).
  • Meeting soon with the Alzheimer’s Association’s chief science officer, and the CEO of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.
  • Attending the upcoming Alzheimer’s Research Summit convened by the National Institute on Aging (the biggest funder of Alzheimer’s research).
  • Presenting to a meeting of scientists being convened in Switzerland in the Fall.

And, most important and touching, we’ve heard stories of both inspiration and desperation from people who have relatives with Alzheimer’s disease or have risk factors themselves. They are eager to see intensified research into microbes and other possibilities beyond the usual amyloid plaques and protein tangles.

Please keep up your very valuable enthusiasm. Help further disseminate news of the Challenge to those you know, both scientists and friends and family. And do send me your comments and suggestions at any time.

With continued appreciation,

Leslie C. Norins, MD, PhD
Founder and CEO
Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc.

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