//The Gates Just Opened for More Funding of Research

The Gates Just Opened for More Funding of Research

When Time magazine wrote about Bill and Melinda Gates’ intent to dedicate $100 million to funding “innovative ideas for treatments that aren’t currently being tested by the pharmaceutical industry,” we were pretty sure our plan to launch the $1 Million Alzheimer’s Germ Challenge was the right decision.

Since the initial report, we now know a little more about why Bill Gates is making this important investment. As he admits, his father is battling Alzheimer’s disease and he fears the same fate for himself.

We also know where that Gates money will go, too. Accordingly, $50 million will be directed toward Alzheimer’s research, with the remaining $50 million focused on building an ALZ patient registry.

We are thrilled to be undertaking a movement and offering a challenge that fuels the funding value of  Bill Gates’ donation into unexplored areas of Alzheimer’s research.

Help us inspire other funders to take a closer look at research to find a possible Alzheimer’s germ by signing a petition on our website HERE.


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