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Alzheimer’s is a public health emergency in the U.S.

Die Per Day
Killed Per Year
Biggest Cause of Death
Million Afflicted
Cases Up Since 2000

Your detective talents are needed!

World: more than 44 million suffering. Cause unknown.
No cure. No preventive.

There are many clues a germ is the villain.

Decades of research and billions of dollars have investigated the amyloid plaques and tau protein tangles found in the brains of AD patients. Unfortunately, none of this has produced results useful for patients.

Good news: Researchers are finding increasing evidence that Alzheimer’s is an infection caused by a germ—bacterium, virus, parasite, fungus, or prion.

Farfetched? Not at all. Germs were found to be the cause of other diseases once considered mysteries: tuberculosis, AIDS, Zika, Legionnaire’s, malaria, kuru, etc.

Yet there has not so far been a thorough search for a causative microbe for AD.  Understand why a germ is likely by reading our White Paper.

Rise to the Challenge!

A call to all research scientists:

You could be the winner of $1 million dollars!

This $1 million prize will go to the scientist or team providing persuasive evidence—within 3 years— that a particular infectious agent is the cause of most Alzheimer’s disease.

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2020. The prize awardee will be announced no later than March 31, 2021.

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Not a scientist? Here’s how you, too, can rise to this Challenge:

Help speed Alzheimer’s research!

YOU can help make sure scientists fill in the knowledge gaps about the possible role of germs in causing Alzheimer’s disease.
Send no money.Your encouragement is what is needed.

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